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A sales agency in the food industry

Welcome to Adinal, a human scale company specialising in food texturisers. We are the exclusive agent in France for leading European companies (the principals) which develop and manufacture ingredients and texturisers for the food industry (les customers).

Leading European food industry manufacturers


These European companies develop a wide range of texturing ingredients. We are their exclusive agent in France. We guide their commercial development vis-à-vis food industry manufacturers.

French food sector companies and industry


We provide the ingredients and food additives of our principals to our customers, industrial food sector companies. We propose the right choice of ingredients and setting up tests to ensure the success of their products.


Connecting food ingredient manufacturers with the food industry

We select and provide on the French market ingredients and food additives for the food industry. Our expertise consists in fully understanding their properties, in order to advise clients in the development of their recipes and support them effectively in the industrialisation and continuous improvement of their products. We offer an appropriate, targeted choice of food ingredients and additives for a whole range of areas of application. We specialise in food texturiser agents (thickeners, gelling agents, stabilisers) which improve the texture of a final product without altering its taste. We offer, among the texture agents on the market, essentially three families of products:


Seaweed extracts, seed flours, fermented products and functional flours. These ingredients increase the resistance or smoothness of many products intended for human or animal consumption (creams, sauces, ready meals, mousses and purees, processed meats, spreads, pâtés, etc.).

Nutritional ingredients

Cereal products and dietary fibre. These are used not only in breads, cakes, pastries and cooked dishes, but also in processed meats to improve their nutritional profile.

Process ingredients

Improvers and dusting flours. These products have particular characteristics for adaptation to industrial manufacturing processes.


Reliable partners,
a wide range of texturing ingredients

In the course of over 10 years, we have established trusted partnerships with leading European companies for which we are the exclusive agent in France.


Identify the right texturing ingredients for the food industry

Above all, our job is to fully understand products and the needs of our customers, through active listening, in order to offer them the best solutions for achieving their objectives. That is why we have developed cutting-edge expertise, both in terms of knowledge of ingredients and their properties and of understanding industrial manufacturing processes. Proactively advising clients and principals, effectively supporting them in the development of their recipes and creating the conditions for their commercial success is our core business. Our expertise lies in proposing the right choice of ingredients and setting up tests and experiments to ensure the success of their products.


Food sector companies and industry

Our products and services are designed for companies and industrial manufacturers in the food sector located throughout France, from family-run SMEs to companies of international scope.
Meat, fish, ready meals, breads, biscuits, pastries and desserts, animal feed and pet food, confectionery – these are a few of the many areas of application of our food ingredients and texturisers.
We maintain a relationship of trust with our customers, based on our reliability and discretion. We respect the strictest confidentiality when it comes to the R&D processes in which we are required to collaborate.

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